KIDNEY CYSTS   (to see actual surgery photos, click here)

Renal (or kidney) cysts are very common, occurring in 50 % of adults.  The prevalence increases with age.  About 2/3 of people over 80 years old will have a cyst detectable by x-rays or ultrasound.   The cause of these cysts is unknown.

Cysts can be "simple cysts" with almost no risk of cancer, or "complex cysts" which might or might not have cancer in the wall.  It is very rare for a benign looking cyst to change into a more suspicious cyst.

A CT (or CAT) scan or an Ultrasound is usually sufficient to diagnose the cyst as benign.  If there are any questions on the ultrasound, a CT is usually obtained (and vice versa).

Cysts usually do not grow during follow up examination, but they can grow to be very large, even larger than the kidney itself.

Cysts can cause pain due to
growth and stretching of the wall of the cyst
pressure on the kidney
pressure on the drainage of the kidney, causing blockage
pressure on other organs (stomach, intestines)

Rarely, cysts can bleed, rupture, or become infected.
Dr. Greenberger and Dr. Tertzakian have successfully treated renal cysts by laparoscopy since 2000. 

Most patients can leave the hospital the same day.  The surgery itself usually lasts less than one hour and frequently under 30 minutes.

laparoscopic view of kidney cyst
The cyst is the bulge inside the box.
surgical view of kidney cyst
The cyst has been surgically exposed.
kidney cyst open, wall is being removed.
The cyst is opened
Kidney cyst has been removed.
The cyst wall is excised, so the fluid cannot re-accumulate.
Cyst wall is being removed.
Dr. Garo M. Tertzakian MD
Dr. Matthew L. Greenberger MD
Dr. William F. Pearce MD

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laparoscopy incisions for kidney cyst removal
While no surgery is without risks, and no surgery can be 100% successful, all patients treated so far have had successful surgery and no recurrence of their symptoms.

We have been successful with all types of kidney cysts including:
very large cysts
patients with multiple cysts
cysts deep inside the kidney tissue

Typical incisions for renal (kidney) cyst removal
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In a Minimally Invasive Way